Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Which Theorist Do You Identify Most With?

In class today we reviewed the main areas of theory that we have covered so far this semester.  I like everything that the post-process theorists proposed- it seems like in this theory writing is far less structured and more subjective and individualized.  However, I feel somewhat guilty backing solely post-process because i'm kind of a fan of the writing process as well.  I like "knowing" how to construct a paper starting with invention and prewriting.  I guess it gives me the confidence that I will know how to begin- so does this make me an advocate of cognitive psychology?  THen as I look at expressivism and its emphasis on invention and inner thoughts, I find myself leaning towards calling myself an expressionist.  I think it's important to collaborate with others to revise a piece, but then again, isn't it my piece of writing?  Do I really have to interact with others to finalize a writing piece?  Then again,  I would want a peer to revise something super important like an admissions essay, so maybe in a certain writing, I would support the collaborative ideas of social theory.  I've come to the conclusion that I can't pick just one theory to categorize myself in.  I think it all depends on what I am writing and for whom.  I guess I am a cognitive-expressive-social-post-processist.  

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