Monday, March 1, 2010

Educational Blogging?

Blogging: New Journal or Old Bulletin Board?
for secondary grade students


This article examined the use of blogs in the classroom as an educational tool for students.  The article took a positive standpoint promoting the use of blogs in the classroom, rather than using paper-based writing.  In my own experience, I have taken three classes at JMU that required a blog as part of my final grade.   I personally think that a blog can be beneficial if the student is given very open-ended topics to write about.  During one class I took last semester, I actually found the blog somewhat "therapeutic" to write it.  It provided a space to type out my responses from class and express my own opinions on topics we had learned or read about.  Here are a few pro's that this article gives about merging technology with writing, specifically, the use of blogging:
  • blogs offer a great way for students to be involved in reflective writing
  • students are writing for an audience other than their teacher
  • blogs often produce more thoughtful writing since the audience is larger
  • parents can be connected to their child's work electronically
  • a blog can easily display any improvements in classroom writing
  • easily manageable by student, teacher, and parent
  • fast feedback from teacher and other students than a paper-based writing piece

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