Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Perl Essay- Recursive Writing

Perl discusses the idea of recursive writing in 3 main ways.  What are those 3 ways, and what is involved in each?

First of all, Perl states that when a writer's "go back" and think about what to write, they may repeat a key word or item.  I do this all the time when I read a prompt.  I may repeat the last one or two key words to try to really get in my head what the question is asking me to write about.  By zero-ing in on a key word, it may help to spark a thought or get ideas going before coming up with what to write about

Secondly, Perl states that it also helps to re-read bits of discourse or chunks of a paper.  I also do this a lot.  If I begin to write a paper and I only have the first two paragraphs down, I may hit a road block and have to re-read what I have already said in order to get an idea of what to put next.  This helps with getting a feeling of how the paper is flowing and to continue that flow in the next portion.

Lastly, Perl discusses the idea of reviewing feelings and nonverbalized perceptions that may surround words.   He labels this reviewing process as using "felt sense".  Perl says that using felt sense evokes images, words, and ideas and helps to boost creative thought.  This in turn may produce new and fresh ideas for the remaining writing.  

Another thing I took away from this essay was the last page when Perl talks about being a reader.  She stresses how important it is to put yourself in the shoes of whoever is reading your paper.  Professor Martion also brought this up in class the other day and mentioned that kids today do not know about audience and how important it is.  It kind of reminds me of facebook-  I sometimes find myself going through my profile and thinking to myself  "Now, what would so-and-so think of this picture, phrase, etc?"  I think if we viewed our writing pieces in a similar way, we may have more of a grasp on audience.  

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